Sleep Journal with Juliet Little Coaching


I have been working with life coach Juliet Little on a deep-dive  journal to help people improve their quality of sleep. Aside from becoming an absolute sleep Jedi during the making of the journal, I've loved getting back to book format and creating our sleep lady character, and her lovely slippers!

We're planning on creating a whole series of these journals on different aspects of life, and I'm looking forward to more character and icon-creation for those.

You can follow our progress on Instagram at @thisweekslittletweaks

Fat Face X Marine Conservation Society


In 2021 I won a competition to work with Fat Face on a collection of clothing to help promote awareness of sea pollution and raise money for the fantastic Marine Conservation Society. 

I submitted several of my sea creatures illustrators to the designers, who tweaked them in-house for their clothing products. The results were amazing and most of the products were a sell-out, including the trigger fish swimming costume, below left. 

Working with fashion designers gave me a good insight into how my illustrations could be interpreted for clothing.

Jehane's Caring Colouring Vol. 2


During lockdown, the agent and illustrator Jehane Boden Spiers created some colouring in books to entertain the public and raise cash for charity. I was among the illustrators chosen to have work in her second, sea-themed volume, with my underwater world illustration pictured here. 

The brief included providing artwork as a line drawing, as well as in a very specific colour palette (see below left). I found the latter a challenge as they are colours I wouldn't normally be drawn to use, however, it took me out of my comfort zone and I was content with the results.

Sales of the book raised a good amount for the Sea Change Project.

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